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Bridal Lace

For generations, brides have chosen lace as the perfect way to add elegance to their wedding dress and provide a feeling of romance. The fine needlework creates a delicate look that is hard to replicate with other embellishments.

Those looking for just the right bridal lace often choose venise lace or alencon lace to add to their dress - most often to the bodice or hem. Using a narrow lace will generally create a more delicate look, while using a wider bridal lace will add a more grand effect, especially when combined with crystals or beads. In either case, matching jewelry can be a beautiful complement to your lace.

Recently, more brides have turned to using all-over bridal lace to add to their gown, covering a much larger area - almost like a layer of fabric. By having a continuous piece of bridal lace, it can look similar to a beautifully textured fabric.

Of course, bridal lace is not limited to only being used on a wedding dress. It is often chosen to embellish chairs, tablecloths, runners, or even bouquets. You're only limited by your imagination, as bridal lace can add elegance to a wedding in so many different ways.